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The home of  Music City U.S.A., The Grand Ole Opry, The Country Music Hall of Fame, The NFL: Tennessee Titans, The NHL: Nashville Predators and Much, Much,
Here's what you can expect in Nashville:

Southern Hospitality.....and..... Friendly People Too !!!

Nashville is the capital of Tennessee and a vital transportation, business and tourism center ...

History and Statistics:

  • Nashville was settled in 1779
  • Became state capitol from 1812-1815, then permanently in 1843
  • Elevation 550 ft. (168 m.) at the lowest point; 1100 ft. (336 m.) at the highest point of the rim around the Nashville basin
  • Area: 533 square miles
  • Time: Central Standard, November-March; Central Daylight, April-October
  • MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) eight counties: Cheatham, Davidson, Dickson, Robertson, Rutherford, Sumner, Williamson and Wilson
    Nashville Economic Market 10 counties: Nashville MSA plus Maury and Montgomery counties
  • Nashville/Davidson County has a metropolitan government; city limits extend to county line
  • Population: Nashville, Davidson County = 569,891; MSA = 1.23 million

Nashville typically enjoys a mild and pleasant climate with only a few days of the year having either very hot or very cold conditions. Most of the city's rain is confined to the spring months, but a shower throughout the year is not unusual. This chart will help you understand a little better.

Month Avg. Daily High Avg. Daily Low Avg. Precipitation
Jan 46 F/8 C 28 F/-2 C 4.5 in/11.4 cm
Feb 51 F/11 C 30 F/-1 C 4 in/10.2 cm
Mar 60 F/16 C 38 F/3 C 5.6 in/14.2 cm
Apr 71 F/22 C 48 F/9 C 4.5 in/11.4 cm
May 79 F/26 C 57 F/14 C 4.6 in/11.7 cm
Jun 87 F/31 C 65 F/18 C 3.7 in/9.4 cm
Jul 90 F/32 C 69 F/21 C 3.8 in/9.7 cm
Aug 89 F/32 C 68 F/20 C 3.4 in/8.6 cm
Sep 83 F/28 C 61 F/16 C 3.7 in/9.4 cm
Oct 72 F/22 C 48 F/9 C 2.6 in/6.6 cm
Nov 59 F/15 C 38 F/3 C 3.5 in/8.9 cm
Dec 50 F/10 C 31 F/-1 C 4.6 in/11.7 cm


  • Music City USA - For the city's musical heritage and the Nashville Sound

  • Athens of the South - For the city's dedication to Fine Arts and Higher Education

Business Climate:
Major industries include Tourism, Printing and Publishing, Technology Manufacturing, Music Production, Higher Education, Finance, Insurance, Automobile Production and Health Care Management.

Industry breakdown: Services 33%; Trade 24.4%; Manufacturing 13.5%; Government 12.6%; Construction and Mining 5.2%; Finance, Insurance and Real Estate 6.1%; Transportation, Communication and Public Utilities 5.3%

Recreation and Arts:
The Nashville area includes a myriad of recreational activities including 76 parks & playgrounds, 160 tennis courts, 18 golf courses and 30,000 acres of inland lakes for boating, fishing and skiing.

If the arts are part of your active lifestyle you will find enjoyment at the Tennesse Performing Arts Center, the Nashville Symphony, Ballet and Opera, and the Tennesse Repertory.

Hospitality Industry:

  • 54,890 jobs are directly related to hospitality.

  • Nashville hosted more than 10 million visitors in 1999 resulting in over $2.7 billion in revenues for the city.

  • Nashville has 32,699 hotel rooms in the city.

  • Opryland Hotel is now the largest non-gaming hotel property in the United States, with 2,884 rooms and 288,000 square feet of exhibit space. Nashville's Convention Center features 118,675 square foot of exhibit space.Transportation

  • 17 airlines serving 86 markets: American, American Eagle, Air Canada, Atlantic Coast, Comair, Continental, Corporate Express, Delta, Delta Express, Great Plains, Northwest, Skyway, Southwest, United, United Express, US Airways, US Airways Express.

  • More than 392 daily airport arrivals and departures.
    Convergence of three interstate highways, I-40, I-24 and I-65. I-440, an inner beltway now exists, and I-840, an outer beltway between I-40 and I-24 and I-24 and I-65, was recently completed.

  • Nashville Trolley Company services the downtown and the Music Valley Drive/Opryland Hotel area.

Cost of Living:

  • Nashville consistently ranks among the lowest for cost-of-living in comparable cities across the nation.

  • Overall cost of living is only 93.7% of the national average (100%).

  • All components (groceries, housing, utilities, etc.) of cost of living are typically below the national average.

    And did we mention......... Friendly People Too?

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